Lapel Stick for Missouri Star Quilt

temporary fabric adhesive - never pin, baste stitch, or staple fabric again

Fundraising with LAPEL stick presents:  Family and Friends Fundraiser to the JDRF

$3.00 of every $5.00 raised goes directly to the JDRF

Thank you for your interest in our Family and Friends JDRF Fundraising Campaign. This program was developed to allow everyone who has been impacted by Juvenile Diabetes the opportunity to participate in the JDRF’s mission to find a cure for diabetes and its complications through the support of research.

Joining the campaign is easy! Simply order the number of JDRF cases you would like to sell and we will ship them to you at no cost. Each tube of LAPEL stick sells for $5.00, you submit the funds collected to the fundraising program only after the product has been sold and you keep the blue JDRF cases as our thank you for helping with this important campaign (great for back to school).

LAPEL stick can be sold to neighbours, co-workers, friends, and family of all ages. It is a temporary non-toxic fabric adhesive that repairs a fallen pant hem or skirt hem, keeps shirt collars in place, fast and easy solution for baste stitching, sewing and quilting techniques - won’t gum up sewing machines, secures straps to undergarments, and eliminates gapping necklines or button gaps on blouses. A must have for every purse, travel kit, desk, sewing kit, or locker.

To register for this fundraiser and help in the efforts to improve treatment and find as cure for Juvenile Diabetes please email your name, email address, location / city you will be doing the fundraising in, and your phone number to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fundraiser JDRF


Lapel Stick - Head Office
Victoria, BC

Distribution: Ft Wayne, IN


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