Lapel Stick for Missouri Star Quilt

temporary fabric adhesive - never pin, baste stitch, or staple fabric again

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 A few words from our customers:

"First impressions matter, whether I am going to the office or getting ready for a first date, I always have a Lapel Stick in my briefcase and my car to make sure I look my best." Mathew Davidson, Lapel Stick Customer

“Thank you for introducing us to Lapel Stick, our customers love it! Not only has it been a huge success with our sewing and craft enthusuasts but we are also now using it for our beginners quilting classes – the amount of time saved by not having to stop and remove pins and the reduced risk to our machines have been remarkable.” Jean: Store Owner, Jean’s Material Things

“I was running late for an interview when my hem came down, 2 seconds with Lapel Stick and I was ready to go. Thank you for saving the day!” Janice Denissen, Lapel Stick Customer

"IT WORKS!" Pat Sloan, American Patchwork Radio

"Pins are hard for children's little hands to manipulate without poking their fingers so I was excited to try Lapel Stick with my daughter. It wasn’t difficult for her at all, she carefully matched up the edges and stuck the layers together then we moved to the sewing machine. Lapel Stick didn't damage the fabric or gum up my machine and my daughter was quilting. Thanks so much!"  Amy Ellis - Sewing With Kids and Amy's Creative

"We use and highly recommend this product! For any fashion emergency and to make sure your image is always perfect.” Elite Image Consultants

"As a Mortgage Broker my professional image is very important to me, the way I present myself is direct reflection of the respect I have for my clients, Lapel Stick is always in briefcase and used regularly - great product."  Larry Arnason, Calgary Mortgage Broker

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