Lapel Stick is very honored to be able to share our success and help support charities in Quilting, Sewing, and Fashion, along with charities and groups working to help members of society in need. Our latest project is with The World Of Charity Stitching, these amazing ladies are made up of cross stitchers, quilters, and sewists from around the world that make lap quilts, therapy pillows, walker bags, tote bags, wheelchair bags, greeting cards and bookmarks to give to children in need and to the elderly in nursing homes. To learn more about them and how you can get involved you can visit their blog at:

Some of the groups we have worked with:

Quilts for Japan - in response to the Tsunami in 2011
The Fight To End Women's Cancer - in partnership with Mary Kay Cosmetics
The JDRF (Juvenile Diabities Research Foundation) - in partnership with London Drugs
Dress For Success - in partnership with Vancouver retailers fighting homelessness
Project Linus
Quilts of Valor

Quilts From Caring Hands:  "We received 50 lapel sticks last week in time for our meeting. 25 of them were snatched up instantly, and I am sure we can use all of them. You may have noticed on our website that we have a special project making tactile quilts and weighted "lap aprons" for visually-impaired children or children with other disabling conditions. The people making squares for the tactile quilts are especially excited, because they place lots of trim on their quilt squares. Children with visual impairments are stimulated to explore the quilts to find matching patterns, etc. Our members believe the lapel sticks will be a great way to hold the rickrack, lace, etc., in place while someone is sewing these multi-step squares. Thank you for your support of our work." Larky Hansen - Quilts From Carings Hands

 Quilts Valor

If your group could benefit from a product donation or help with a give-away or event please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.