Quilting Guilds are groups of quilters (typically in one local or regional area) who get together on a regular basis to share their love of quilting. Guilds and guild members help to preserve the history of quilting, teach new skills or techniques, share ideas and resources with each other, receive discounts on fabrics and supplies from local shops, create a fellowship, engage in many wonderful charitable and philanthropic projects, and support each other as friends and fellow quilting enthusiasts regardless of age, or experience.

Guilds are typically run by amazing volunteers who want to share their love of Quilting, as such Guilds do not have large budgets for advertising or promotions. To help support these incredible groups we have started a free directory of local Quilting Guilds where quilters can find and connect with groups in their areas or connect with other guilds when they are travelling – the Guild community always welcomes visitors.   We are starting our new resource and directory of Guilds with Canada and will be expanding the list to include the United States in the next month.

To access the great new directory and find a Quilt Guild in your area please visit:

If you run a Quilting Guild and would like to be added to our directory please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. There is no charge or fee to be listed on the Guild directory, it is a complimentary service available to all guilds.