Lapel Stick for Missouri Star Quilt

temporary fabric adhesive - never pin, baste stitch, or staple fabric again

Thank you for choosing Lapel Stick as one of the products carried in your store!   Our Salkes Support Center was created to ensure you have access to the latest sales ads, promotional material, printable marketing documents, and much more.  If you have any suggestions for sales, marketing, or promotional literature that would be helpful to you please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Display Suggestions:

  • Put your Lapel Sticks some place where they can be easily seen by your customers.
  • Put quilting / sewing / or fashion cards with the display for customers to see them.
  • Print off any of the items belwo and use with the display to bring customer's attention ot the product and clearly illistrate how it can help them with all their projects.
  • Use a Lapel Stick to attach 2 small squares (4x4) together on one conrner and place the fabric with the product.
  • Have an instructor doing a workshop, class, or demo in your store use a Lapel Stick for a portion of their class.

Printed Materials:

Open and save / download full color printed materials letting your customers know that you now carry the product in store - most available in color and Black & White options.  Material can also be printed directly from the web browser window to reduce download times or bandwidth usage on your system.  Please click the item(s) below and a new window will open with the materials.

Lapel Stick Full Color Window Sign and Poster

Customizable Lapel Stick flyers - great for handing out to customers at the check out or in store

Lapel Stick Slideshow / PowerPoint presentation - can be used in store and at events

Lapel Stick Article from Craft Gossip

Pleasant Home Tuturial and product Review of Lapel Stick

Jo's Country Junction Article and Product Review of Lapel Stick

Full feature article on Lapel Stick available in the April / May issue of Quilting Arts Magazine





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