Lapel Stick for Missouri Star Quilt

temporary fabric adhesive - never pin, baste stitch, or staple fabric again


Lapel Stick addresses and solves specific needs and challenges faced by millions of men and women every day. This unique product is a non-toxic temporary adhesive (fabric safe glue) that is safe to use on all fabrics and won’t irritate skin. It comes in an easy to use (and carry) roll-up stick, it instantly repairs fallen hems, lost buttons, keeps collars and ties securely in place, stops straps from sliding, and many more frustrating challenges faced by people every day.

Lapel Stick is a “must-have” notion for anyone who quilts, sews, or does crafts as it removes the need for pins, toxic sprays or glues and protects their machines and fabric. Lapel Stick is also ideal for household projects such as keeping curtains closed, tablecloths in place, seasonal décor, costumes and to stop runs in nylons.

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  •   Replaces baste stitching, pinning, tapes, and spray adhesives 
  •   An amazing tool for quilters, sewers, crafters, and appliqué or embroidery
  •   Can repair a fallen pant hem or skirt hem instantly
  •   Protects your clothes and your image
  •   Perfect for Bridal and wedding day emergency kits
  •   Keeps men's collars, cuffs, and ties in place and looking sharp
  •   Eliminates gaping necklines or button gaps on blouses or shirts
  •   Easily teach children to sew and quilt by holding fabric in place
  •   Ideal for costumes or temporary embellishments to clothingi
  •   Great for hundreds of D.I.Y. projects around the house


Lapel Stick - Head Office
Victoria, BC

Distribution: Ft Wayne, IN


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